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Just to make things easier, we've compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions. What can we help you with today?

Getting Started

  • What will I need in order to get started?

    All you will need is your own ePUB or PDF content (this can include embedded or streamed audio files and videos).

    Great news! We can whip you up a Free Demo with your existing content, as is, so that you can see exactly what selling and reading your content in the mobile and web stores will look like. Neat, huh?

  • Will I need a tablet to use my mobile store?

    Not necessarily.  Any smartphone as well as tablet that runs an Android or iOS operating system can access your mobile store. However, some digital content is best viewed on the larger screens of tablet devices. Ultimately, which device is used will be your own decision.

  • What type of content can I upload?

    Virtually any form of content - eBooks, digital newspapers, magazines - can be sold and viewed on your mobile store. Feel free to even include embedded or streamed audio files and videos. We support an interactive reading experience!

  • What are the benefits of distributing content on mobile devices?

    More and more people now prefer to access content on mobile devices. It gives them quick and easy access to their favourite book, newspaper and magazine. Digital Publishing is convenient, environmentally friendly and cost effective. Converting content into digital publications allows you to reach a wider audience, locally and internationally, without the associated costs of print and distribution. This effectively means a larger market spread with increased margins.  Digital Publications on mobile devices can be interactive and engaging thus making the user experience an enjoyable one. It changes the way in which users engage with your publications, embed maps, videos, HTML5 content, audio and tons more to make your digital publications as rich as possible.

  • How long will it take to get my mobile store on the App Stores?


    Between 7 - 14 working days after submitting to the Apple Store. During this period our App Review Team checks every submission in order to protect consumer privacy, safeguard children from inappropriate content, and avoid applications that degrade the core experience of the iPad and iPhone.


    Within 1 day after submitting to the Google Play store.

  • How is Snapplify different from other magazine app solution providers?

    Snapplify does not take a share of your profits when content is sold in your mobile stores. Brands can drive traffic and marketing spend to their own mobile store instead of competitor content, as Snapplify gives clients their own branded mobile stores containing only their content. Snapplify supports enhancement of content with embedding and streaming of video, audio and other interactive elements. Snapplify also supports the integration of existing subscriber databases and supports new subscriptions being sold in your mobile store. Snapplify also supports out-of-app sales and selling of vouchers, thereby avoiding the commission taken on sales by the App Stores.


  • What Operating Systems and Devices does Snapplify support?

    Any device (including smartphones and tablets) that runs an Android or iOS operating system. This includes the iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tablets and more.

  • Will my mobile store be able to play multimedia content?

    Yes, of course! You're welcome to include any embedded or streamed audio files and videos to give your users an interactive experience.

  • Will my stores support multi-languages?

    Yes. We support all languages and provide extensive multi-language support. All default App text is viewed in the user's default language, but at your request, we'll simply add additional languages.

  • Will Snapplify support the Windows Metro/8 tablet version?

    Currently we don't support Windows 8, but watch this space we are continually adopting new platforms to better suit your needs.

  • How is the content within the mobile store protected?

    In all our standard mobile stores, the content is encased within the app and cannot be copied outside of it or viewed anywhere but in the built-in mobile reader. If a user deletes content they have previously purchased or downloaded, they can only restore the purchase and re-download the content in the mobile store itself.

    Snapplify also offers its own DRM to Enterprise clients, SnappSafe DRM as a way for you to protect your content from unauthorised access and distribution.

    Branded mobile stores created by Snapplify can also support digital rights formats like Adobe DRM.

  • How can I customise the skin of my mobile store and mobile reader?

    The default skin, which is available on all packages, is Default Grey - however if you upgrade your package to either Professional or Enterprise you will be able to choose from Classic White and Retro Bookshelf. Choose the skin that suits your content!

Sales and Subscriptions

  • When will I receive my revenue for sales made in my mobile store?

    When we use our own Developer credentials for submitting your mobile stores: the amount owed must exceed a minimum of $150 before Apple pays the Developer Account holder (which is us). Apple will then pay within 45 days after the end of the month. Therefore, payment to you will not necessarily occur on a set basis, but will be ad hoc, as we have to wait for Apple to pay us. Once we receive the revenue (after Apple’s deductions), we will pay your share.

    When we use your Developer Credentials for submitting your mobile stores: Financial Reports are available in AppFigures, which also includes payment and other financial information. Once the Net Receipts have been paid to you by Apple, Snapplify will invoice you.

  • How can I track the sales and downloads of my mobile stores?

    Once your mobile store is available in the App Store, we will give you sign in details to access AppFigures, a reporting platform for mobile app developers that brings together all of your mobile store sales data, worldwide reviews, and hourly rank updates into one intuitive and informative reporting solution. This is the same information we use for billing purposes.

  • How does AppFigures get Sales data?

    The data you see within AppFigures comes directly from Apple. Sales data comes directly from iTunes Connect, while ranks, reviews and ratings come directly from the App Store.

  • Why is AppFigures payment data “estimated” when Apple creates these reports themselves?

    In a nutshell: currency conversions. They provide the amount of revenue you have made in its original raw currency. All those currencies are converted only once, at the end of the payment cycle. Another wrinkle is that Apple’s payment reports are generally much after the fact - it’s not unusual for them to be finalized a month or two after the sales for which they compensate.

  • How do in-App subscriptions work?

    The below tutorial clearly highlights how in-App subscriptions work:

    in-App Subscription Tutorial

  • How does the integration with my subscriber database work? I don’t want to give my subscriber database to anyone else!

    Snapplify has a standard API that we use to connect to your subscriber database and there is no need for you to give us details of your subscribers.

  • Can I make use of vouchers in my mobile store?

    Yes, you can have vouchers, which enables users to redeem content associated to that voucher.

    There are two ways in which you can do this:

    Option 1

    Use your own API

    For this method you need to implement API Endpoints which enables users to redeem a voucher on your website. In order for users to redeem a voucher you will need to create a ‘manage account’ webpage that can be accessed from the mobile store app. This is where users will be able to redeem a voucher. Once redeemed, they are able to access the content associated to that voucher from within the mobile store on their mobile device.

    Option 2

    Use the Snapplify API

    Snapplify creates a web store which is linked to your mobile store. Users can register and redeem vouchers via the web store, as well as subscribe to content in the mobile store on their tablets and smartphones. In order to redeem a voucher this way, users will first need to register an account if they do not already have one. They then redeem the voucher, which is linked to this account. When the user signs in to the mobile store with their username and password, the content associated to that voucher will be redeemed and they are able to access it.


  • Will my mobile store be available to download internationally?

    Yes, once your mobile stores are in the App stores of your choice, users from all over the world will be able to download it.

  • How long will it take to get my mobile store on the App Stores?


    Between 7 - 14 working days after submitting to the Apple Store. During this period our App Review Team checks every submission in order to protect consumer privacy, safeguard children from inappropriate content, and avoid applications that degrade the core experience of the iPad and iPhone.


    Within 1 day after submitting to the Google Play store.

  • What happens if Apple rejects my mobile store?

    Should Apple reject your mobile store, our team will review the reasons for the rejection and strive to ensure that your mobile store is published within the app store.

  • How is my mobile store searchable on the App Store?

    Your mobile store is searchable by its name, your keywords and your company name. Your mobile store name and keywords are set by you during the setup process and can be edited when an app update is submitted to the app stores. An app update takes between 2 -7 days to be reviewed.

  • Why can’t I find my mobile store using Browse?

    Due to technical restrictions, not all apps are listed in the Browse section of the App Store. A maximum of 6,000 apps are listed at a time in each category in the Browse section. Your mobile store is searchable by its name, keywords and developer name.

End User

  • How do I sync my in-App purchases to my other devices?

    First of all, you will need to be signed in with the same iTunes account on both the devices you wish to sync.

    You can set it up to automatically download apps from your one device to your other synced devices by using “Automatic Downloads” in the Settings section of your device. However, you will need to manually download the content within the app on your other devices, as it will not happen automatically. You will need to open the app on the device you have not yet downloaded the content from and download it again from the Store section of the app.

    Free content in the app: If you have downloaded free content from an app on your one device, you will need to download the free content again from the Store section of the app on your second device. All downloaded content in your app will then move into the My Library section of the app.

    Purchased content in the app: If you have purchased content in an app using your iTunes account, you do not need to purchase the content again on your other device, provided you are using the same iTunes account. For content that you purchase, when downloading that content on another device, you will need to use the "Restore Purchases" button under "My Account" in the Store section of the app. Once your purchases are restored, you can download content you have already purchased into the My Library section.

  • How to get refunds from the iTunes App Store

    The iTunes App store sales policy clearly says that you cannot cancel a purchase or receive a refund for a purchase but they are known to make exceptions if you have a valid reason.

    Step 1: Locate the email receipt for your iTunes Store purchase and click the “Report Problem” link next to the app that you would like to return.

    If you have deleted the email invoice that Apple sent you after you completed the purchase, launch the iTunes program to see a list of all items that you’ve bought from the iTunes store. Open an order by clicking that little arrow next to the order date and then click “Report a problem” next to the app name.

    If the above method fails, or if you don’t have iTunes on your computer, you can use this page to submit a refund request to Apple through any web browser.

    Step 2: Click the Problem drop-down menu and choose an option that best describes your problem. If you have purchased an app accidentally, choose “I inadvertently purchased this application.”

    You can expect a response from Apple in the next 24-48 hours. If the support rep is satisfied with your reasoning, he’ll probably reverse the charges.

  • I deleted my app/purchased content by accident; how do I get it back?

    Don't worry you will never lose the content that you have purchased!

    If you deleted the app:

    All you need to do is re-download the app in the appstore, open the app and navigate to the store and tap the Restore purchases button and all purchases made will reappear in your library.

    If you deleted the content:

    Navigate to the store tab in your app and tap the Restore button. This will restore all purchases and subscriptions that you have made on your account.

  • I currently have a running subscription but the app requires me to pay to download content

    In order to fix this you will need to navigate to the store tab within your app and tap the Restore button that will automatically restore all your previously made purchases or subscriptions. You will then be able to download your content as usual and access it via your app's library.

  • Why can't I see the latest issue that is available for download in the mobile store?

    Hmm, that's not right! Try to force close the app by exiting the app and closing the app manually via your devices task manager. When you open the app again the content within should have properly refreshed and you will be able to view all available issues.

  • Why can't I access my content, even though I'm registered?

    After successfully registering, you will need to purchase a subscription or an issue in order to access the content. Free content can of course be accessed without purchasing!

    Reading online via a web browser:

    Once you have successfully purchased your subscription, you will be able to read the content using the web reader on the Web Store. This is accessed by clicking on the cover of the issue you wish to view and clicking on "View".

    Reading on mobile via an app:

    You can also access the content through the Apple or Android app, depending on your mobile device. First go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, search for the app (e.g Getaway Magazine). Once you have downloaded the app to your device, open the app and go to the "Sign In" page and sign in using the username and password you registered when purchasing your subscription on the Web Store.

    You can now access the content associated with your subscription. If you have just subscribed, the latest issue will be available to you to download, as well as the subsequent issues associated with your subscription period.

  • Why is my email address compulsory when registering on the Web Store?

    This is so that we can contact you regarding your subscription, should anything go wrong. It also comes in real handy for using the "forgot password" function, which requires an email address to send the new password to.

Content Creation Guidelines

  • How often can I publish new content?

    With our custom built content management system, Snapplify allows you to upload new content to your mobile or web store if and when you please.

  • How do I create links and embed media in a PDF?

    The below tutorials will explain how to create links and embed media into PDF's using Acrobat and inDesign:

    User Guide

  • Can I update content that is already in my mobile store with updated versions?

    Yes, content in your mobile store can be unpublished and you are able to update/edit your mobile store with new content.

  • What content formats does my mobile store support?

    PDF, ePUB, ePUB2 fixed layout, ePUB3, Apple fixed layout ePUB, ePDF, HTML5, Videos files, Audio clips (MP3's), embedding as well as streaming.

  • How do the publishing guidelines work?

    Across all packages, Basic, Professional and Enterprise, you will find a guideline for the number of issues or publications you can sell from your stores. This is the recommended amount of issues or titles you should sell in your store at any time, as we need to consider storage and bandwidth regarding your stores performance.

    For example if you are on the Basic package you should aim to have about 24 titles or issues for sale at any time. The number does not increase in the following month: it will always remain 24 unless you decide to upgrade to another package for more breathing room to sell more content at any one time.

    Have more content? No problem - you can easily upgrade at any time.

Didn't find these answers helpful? Contact us with your question and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Featured Events

  • EduWeek 2017

    12 Jul - 13 Jul 2017, Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg

    At Snapplify we want to change the way students buy textbooks. Hardcopy books are expensive, heavy to lug around, and they go out of date. In emerging markets, poor textbook delivery and availability make learning difficult. Snapplify solves these problems by giving students digital access to everything they need to learn. That's why we'll be attending and exhibiting at EduWeek, the sustainable development conference, whose goals are so clearly aligned with our own.

  • KESSHA Annual National Conference of Principals

    19 Jun - 23 Jun 2017, Mombasa, Kenya

    Snapplify Kenya Team will be attending and exhibiting at the KESSHA Annual National Conference of Principals happening in Kenya. Here we can meet influential members of the Kenyan education sector and showcase our Education Suite.

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