Digital Rights Management

SnappSafe DRM

snappsafe-drm-boxA product of Snapplify and a way for you to protect your content from unauthorised access and distribution. We understand that you want to keep your content safe, so that’s why SnappSafe was developed to ensure that your content is encrypted, so that each file downloaded by users is locked to that user and the device they are accessing it on. If somehow the content file is extracted from the device, by jail breaking the phone or via rooting, the file would still not be able to be opened or at all readable.

What makes SnappSafe different to the other DRM services available?

snappsafe-bullet Does not require the expensive licenses for a mobile reader

snappsafe-bullet Does not require the expensive licensing for a content server

snappsafe-bullet Supports embedded and streamed video and audio

snappsafe-bullet Supports right to left content (such as Arabic)

SnappSafe Licensing

SnappSafe DRM is available and exclusive to all Enterprise package owners, subject to a yearly license fee.

Upgrade today to take advantage of this digital rights management tool!

License Fee
$15 000
per year
SnappSafe DRM encryption on all uploaded content






Adobe DRM Support

adobe-snapplifyA digital rights management format that allows content publishers to restrict sharing and enact permission settings on eBook files they provide for sale. Snapplify can support Adobe DRM but requires the client to have an Adobe DRM licence.

Adobe DRM can be added to your package at an additional cost based on usage and requirements. If you need more information about a solution that suits your needs, please get in touch.

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