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Case Studies

Curious to see what we've done? Browse some case studies on well-known and international companies in very different industries that are doing better business using Snapplify's innovative digital publishing solution.

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    The Star

    Our tech solution caters for the unique needs of digital newspapers; we offer publications with a high volume of content, like dailies and automation of distributing content. We also offer a solution that stitches the pages in the correct order so that mobile users can experience their favourite newspaper on their tablet just as they did with the hard copy.

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  • kotobarabia.png


    Arabic eBooks are finally getting international distribution and coverage. Selling Arabic content digitally requires a digital publishing solution that can offer support for right to left reading and multi-character sets; Snapplify supports all languages as well as right to left reading - making it the best multi-language, multi-platform eReading solution.

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  • clinical-teacher.png

    Clinical Teacher

    The genius of the Clinical Teacher app is that as a digital channel it creates an easy system for educators to share their work, providing access to short pieces of content with practical value that printing traditional publishing would be less amenable for referencing on the go.

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  • earth-and-nature.png

    Earth and Nature - Random House

    One way for a publisher of numerous types and genres of content to make more focused sales is offering their content via an app that houses a particular vertical of their content; Random House has a large collection of natural history and biology eBooks in their catalogue, so it made sense to sell them all as collections from their app.

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  • carlogo1.png

    CAR Magazine

    Automotive magazine apps offer users an unrivaled reading experience; keeping them up-to-date with the latest model launches and in-depth road test reports on their mobile devices, helping them make informed buying decisions. Publishers can include embedded videos for engaging reading and advert opportunities.

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  • Google-180x120.png

    Getaway Magazine

    A modern traveller plans mostly online, which is why travel magazine apps thrive digitally. A travel app means portability and convenience, so no sacrificing precious packing space! Content can include high resolution images, showing travel destinations in their best light, as well as video and audio both streamed or embedded.

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  • popular-mechanics.png

    Popular Mechanics SA

    Popular Mechanics’ digital magazine app is thriving with their gadget-enthusiast consumers who couldn’t wait to experience their favourite tech mag on their mobile devices. A digital environment means PM can add HTML 5 elements, embedded links, video, or audio to enhance their readerships' PM experience.

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  • footnote-1(1).png

    Footnote Summit

    Event apps such as the Footnote Summit one are particularly popular. Attendees need only to download the app and they have all the information they need, in the most up-to-date format, on their mobile device. Post event the organisers can share conference photographs, presentations for downloading, and other relevant content. They can even use it to promote the next event!

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  • swgc-logo.jpg

    South West Gauteng College

    In 2014 SWGC made the progressive decision to move towards digital learning and instituted a tablet and eBook program for their NCV level 2 students. They needed a solution that would allow them to scale up, while also resolving the roll-out problems that resulted from working with multiple disparate partners.

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  • 180x120q70PC180.png

    Parklands College

    Snapplify's cohesive platform has provided Parklands College with a cohesive elearning and reading solution for 2 years. Snapplify provided Parklands College with a turnkey digital content solution that fitted seamlessly with the school’s existing ICT structures.

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Featured Events

  • EduWeek 2017

    12 Jul - 13 Jul 2017, Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg

    At Snapplify we want to change the way students buy textbooks. Hardcopy books are expensive, heavy to lug around, and they go out of date. In emerging markets, poor textbook delivery and availability make learning difficult. Snapplify solves these problems by giving students digital access to everything they need to learn. That's why we'll be attending and exhibiting at EduWeek, the sustainable development conference, whose goals are so clearly aligned with our own.

  • KESSHA Annual National Conference of Principals

    19 Jun - 23 Jun 2017, Mombasa, Kenya

    Snapplify Kenya Team will be attending and exhibiting at the KESSHA Annual National Conference of Principals happening in Kenya. Here we can meet influential members of the Kenyan education sector and showcase our Education Suite.

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