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Digital publishing is fast becoming the way to quickly and efficiently upload information onto the web and mobile. This content can either be free or paid for, resulting in either higher readership or profit. Its speed puts it at the top of advantages of moving online while its accessibility by both users and publishers makes it the first choice for delivering content straight to users.

Snapplify is the largest eBook aggregator in Africa. We can help you transform your print ready files into digital publications to be distributed for mobile applications on smartphones and tablet devices. This allows your publications to be transformed into something more interactive and engaging for your user's consumption. Using the  Snapplify mobile solution, you can now sell your digital publications globally for a fraction of the cost.


How will our solution enable you?

Sell rich content

Snapplify takes the hassle out of publishing for content producers and its simple to use interface enhances the user experience with its rich functionality and enables them to get the most from content. Digital publications contain rich media such as audio, video, HTML5, animation and interactive maps and quizzes.

Target Multiple Global Platforms

Publishing your content digitally enables you to target multiple devices running various operating systems including iOS and Android. You can monetize your digital publications by selling it through various App Stores. This results in publishers targeting a global market. Although publications such as local magazines and newspapers were primarily for the local market, through digital publishing it can now reach a global market.

Monitor and Measure your readers behaviour

You also have the benefit of knowing more accurately what your readers want. Integration with analytics software allows publishers to monitor and measure all their digital publications. The most exciting part though is that at present there are very few limitations and boundaries. Publishing your content on mobile devices is an exciting platform and if you're a publisher you have a responsibility to explore it.

What can you sell?



Sell your digital books as collections or even chapter by chapter using our digital publishing platform. Leverage the global market by selling your book app on multiple app stores.



A digital magazine app enables you to sell and distribute your content per issue or as a digital subscription to users on a multitude of devices and operating systems



Digital subscriptions and sales have boosted the newspaper industry. You could be taking full advantage of the digital revolution by selling content from your own newspaper app.


Learning Material

Selling education material in digital form means you can include interactive and multimedia content that will enhance the learning experience and take your content further.


Promotional Content

Distributing promotional content in an app makes perfect sense, as it has the ideal ROI. Save on printing and distribution costs by going digital and offering an event app.

View our Core Solutions

We have tailored our solutions to suit different industries and needs, take a look at our solutions below to get a feel for what Snapplify can do for you.

Newsstand2.png eBook_Store.png eBook_Distribution.png


A customised app that allows the purchasing of content per title or subscription

eBook Platform

Leverage this robust platform to sell loads of eBooks globally on the web and mobile

eBook Aggregation

Sell your large catalogue of eBooks to millions of customers around the world via third parties

SnappsafeDRM.png SchoolStore.png ebooks-flying-into-snappbox.png

SnappSafe DRM

Enables you to protect your content from unauthorised access and distribution


One place where students and educators can read, share, and access resources


The latest in eBook distribution hardware, revolutionising how schools access eBooks

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