Sell loads of content from your own branded Newsstand

Give your digital content the platform it needs to reach a global audience of content-hungry and mobile-ready consumers! The Snapplify Newsstand solution enables you to upload, sell, and distribute your digital books, newspapers, magazines, journals, videos, and even audio content globally across multiple app stores including Apple and Android.

The Newsstand features your own branding and enables your customers to make use of the feature rich Snapplify eReader to consume the content they have purchased.


In-App Purchasing

Your readers can purchase content within your app


in-App Subscriptions

In-App subscription purchases enabled



Group your content in verticals or months of their release to increase sales


Content Management

Upload your own content and update pricing easily with our user-friendly CMS


Newsstand integration

Compatibility and allows purchases


Upload Automation

Our servers collect new content directly from yours and upload it to your app

          How does this process work?


          How does the Newsstand work for users?

          Users download your company branded app from the mobile app store to their mobile device, either the Android Market, or the Apple App store. They can now access your Newsstand within the app, and therefore your full content catalogue. The Mobile Store allows for purchases of single items or subscriptions, giving your users the freedom to choose how they would like to purchase your content. The Mobile App makes use of the Snapplify developed eReader, that is feature rich and supports the same devices, which allows users to immediately access and consume the content they have purchased and downloaded from the app library.


          Reach more customers by selling directly from your eCommerce Web Store or third-party website

          Upload, sell, and distribute your digital newspapers and magazines via your own company branded Snapplify Web Store or your third-party website! Bypass the rigid revenue share of popular appstores by allowing users to make purchases via you website or web store and accessing it via their mobile devices simply by logging in on your mobile app.

          The Snapplify Web Store is a dedicated site with your branding on it for your users to access, purchase and subscribe to your full catalogue.


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          The latest in eBook distribution hardware, revolutionising how schools access eBooks

          Enables you to protect your content from unauthorised access and distribution
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