Bringing eTextbooks to schools in all environments

SnappBox is a hardware distribution solution for eBooks, allowing students to access eBooks within a school directly from their intranet or wifi rather than downloading all their eBooks individually from the internet.

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Online and Offline Support

Supports online and offline content delivery, no matter your internet infrastructure. Download and read books even without the internet


Improved User Experience

Quicker to download eBooks in bulk and you always have the latest version as the SnappBox syncs with the cloud


Saves your school bandwidth

eBooks are only downloaded from the internet once, and thereafter via your school's intranet, far more cost effective!


No internet? Not a problem

The SnappBox can be preloaded with thousands of eBooks


How it works

Snapplify aggregates content from leading publishers such as Oxford University Press, Pearson, Macmillan, Wiley and more, and make it available from the Snapplify Content Cloud. All eBooks are protected by SnappSafe DRM and read via the Snapplify Reader.

Students can download eBooks directly from the Snapplify Content cloud, but if another student has already downloaded that title it will be instantly available. An eBook title need only be downloaded once, as the title will then exist on the SnappBox for other students to download instantly. This ensures that bandwidth is spent wisely and also improves the user experience. It also means that students always have the most recent version of the textbook as the SnappBox synchronises with the cloud.


Enabling schools with limited or no internet connectivity to embrace eBooks

Not all academic institutions or libraries have high-speed internet, which makes digital books and textbooks a less viable alternative to physical textbooks.  However, these institutions want and need to be a part of the digital age, complete with all the benefits, despite the many challenges. We developed the SnappBox solution to address the challenges hindering these institutions from going fully digital.


The SnappBox also enables rural schools with limited or no access to internet to access digital textbooks, as it can be preloaded with thousands of eBooks, which they can connect to locally even while not connected to the internet.



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