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Schools, colleges and universities can create one place where students and educators can read, share, and access resources. Engage promotes learning by making it easy and rewarding for everyone in your institution to embrace what digital has to offer on the same platform.

Students and educators can easily access interactive content, make and save notes and highlights, share their own original worksheets and open access content, as well as buy quality textbooks from leading publishers. Engage also makes it simpler to share and download educational apps and free fiction titles, providing more fun and interactive ways of learning.

Resource Cloud

Build an online collection of original and other resources to share with others

School Store

An easy way to purchase curriculum approved textbooks and fiction


Embrace digital transformation 

Digital Library

Encourage leisure reading with over 76 000 free eBooks


Save on bandwidth costs as well as significantly reduce download time


Revise makes it easy to build your own revision guides.


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Effectively measure student activity


We are also fully integrated with Google Classroom

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Buying eBooks is quick and easy from your School Store

Give students an easy way to purchase curriculum approved textbooks and fiction from over 250+ leading publishers from your own School store. Students can purchase eBooks from the School store or the School can purchase them for them. Booklists makes buying the right books even easier!


Give your students access to eBooks from over 250+ leading publishers

oxfordUni maskew miller longman PEARSON-WITH-BORDER.png macmillan heinemann Cambridge-thumbnails via-africa-thumbnail van schaik publishers

Buy all prescribed textbooks with one easy click with Booklists

Teachers can create lists of prescribed textbooks that learners must buy based on their grade or subjects – learners or parents can add all the books at once by selecting a booklist and checking out. The process is hassle-free as the whole process is streamlined because there is no hunting around at different stores, buying incorrect books, or having to individually search for each book.


Get everyone on the same page with Resource Cloud

The Resource Cloud is an eLearning Management System that enables teachers to build an online collection of their own and other open access resources to make available to the students and other teachers. They can add their own original content and even enhance it with interactive elements such as audio and YouTube videos that can be viewed offline or at home. Teachers can configure courses and learning structures as needed by allocating extra eBooks, resources and library content which are aligned to their teaching and lesson plan.

Share interactive eLearning resources with your students



Video clips

YouTube videos

open access resources

Open Access Resources


Past papers

audio clips

Audio Clips


Fiction and non-fiction books





Customised bookshelf for each student

Every student builds their own bookshelf by downloading books and learning material, accessible anytime from the Resource Cloud. If devices are lost or damaged, students can still access their eBooks and saved annotations using their unique login details on a new device.


Increase student engagement with enriched textbooks

Students can read eBooks with videos, audio, links to educational resources and other rich elements whether online or offline. Educators can enrich and add their own content and then share it with the whole student body.


Notes, highlightings and bookmarks make revising easy

The Academic Reader provides an ideal and advanced environment for your students to access and engage with their digital textbooks. It is packed with Academic tools such as Notes and Highlights, and Bookmarks, which makes learning with textbooks fun again.

All books, notes, highlights and bookmarks are synchronised and kept safe in the cloud, so that nothing is lost if the device is damaged or lost. Students can even generate study notes automatically from their saved notes and highlights.


Give students access to over 76 000 free eBooks with your Digital Library

Inspire and encourage students to read for leisure with your own Digital Library. Give them the opportunity to learn in an engaging and interactive way by putting thousands of free reading books, including fiction, novels, and other fun leisure-reading books right at their fingertips. You can even buy more eBooks and add them to your Library. These are just some of the great titles that will be available in your Digital Library:


Easily share educational apps from your Engage App Store

The Engage App Store is a convenient way for your school to purchase and manage educational apps in your school system. One platform for all your students to login and download the latest in education-based applications for revision, quizzes, learning tools, and also just for fun. Multiple publishers in Snapplify’s network currently offer high quality academic apps that schools can purchase and use as a part of their teaching methodologies.

Add free apps or buy good, educational apps like this one from Penguin Random House South Africa to add to your Engage App Store:


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eBook Platform

eBook Aggregation

SnappSafe DRM

The latest in eBook distribution hardware, revolutionising how schools access eBooks

Leverage this robust platform to sell loads of eBooks globally on the web and mobile

Sell your large catalogue of eBooks to millions of customers around the world via third parties

Enables you to protect your content from unauthorised access and distribution

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