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Ace It! Business Studies Grade 10

PDF 9780796091789
Ace It! Business Studies Grade 10
Business Studies in Grade 10 is an important and interesting subject. Along with Accounting, Business Studies is a natural extension of Economic and Management Sciences, which you studied in Grade 8 and Grade 9. Ace It! Business Studies Grade 10 helps you to keep on top of the various concepts that you need to know in this introductory year.\n\nComplex concepts are broken down into more manageable chunks, which make them easier to study, understand and learn. Ace It! Business Studies Grade 10 also recognises that many learners in Grade 10 lack exam-writing skills. Therefore, subject-specific exam tips are provided to ensure that you can write your first Business Studies exam with confidence and skill.
Curriculum: CAPS
Subject: Business Studies
Grade: 10