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Study & Master Technology 7-9 SG for CAPS Digital Edition

EPUB 9781316219454
Study & Master Technology 7-9 SG for CAPS Digital Edition
Study & Master Technology Grade 7-9 Study Guide CAPS: By working through this Study Guide you will improve your understanding of and results in Technology as a subject in the Senior Phase. This marvellous resource consolidates what you have learnt in the Intermediate Phase and provides you with: introductions to and further discussions of the various themes and topics relevant to Grade 7 to 9 Technology; fully worked out examples with their answers; loads of exercises and questions to practise your newly-gained skills; answers to these exercises at the back of the book; exemplar examination papers and memoranda to test yourself; an illustrated list of tools and their uses in technology; an illustrated glossary of technology concepts to aid your understanding.
Curriculum: CAPS
Subject: Language
Grade: 9 8 7